SiliconNet Technologies (SNT) was established in July 1996 as a subsidiary of Sarawak Information Systems Sdn. Bhd. (SAINS), which is wholly owned by the Sarawak State Government. As an Information Communication Technology (ICT) Company, SNT’s newly restructured business focus is to provide latest and future-proof technology and services focusing on digital payment solutions for private, corporate and the public sectors. 

SNT is made up of a team of dynamic personnel with multiple skills and years of experiences in consultancy, design, development, marketing and implementation of ICT solutions. Throughout the years, our technical capability evolves with the advancement in ICT to remain among the ICT vendors of choice.


Since its formation, SNT has developed many solutions, and participated in various scales of projects. Our solutions are deployed in numerous government and corporate entities. SNT also operates its own ICT-based business operational services. Today, our business operational services include online Bills Presentment and Payment, E-Commerce and e-Wallet, marketed under the PaymentGalaxy® brand.


Nationally, Trustmark certified at the highest level, PaymentGalaxy® ensures the security of all transactions that flow through its services and safeguarding the information of both merchants and customers alike.  PaymentGalaxy® is powering our services that involves online payment features. These services are PayBillsSarawak, PayBillsMalaysia, BestBestCommerce, ePayNow and now the eWallet mobile application branded as Sarawak Pay.


Sarawak Pay is a Fintech service initiated by the Sarawak State Government that offers mobile e-wallet functions for cashless transaction such as fund transfer, top-up, e-payment, splitting of bills and so much more.  


SNT emphasizes on efficient and effective delivery of quality ICT solutions that meet or exceed customers’ expectations. This is apparent when some of the solutions that SNT developed and implemented have won recognitions and awards at the National levels. Today, SNT holds an e-Wallet license from Bank Negara Malaysia to operate Sarawak Pay.